Heat Loss Prevention & Repair

While we have a short cold season here in Texas, a properly and efficiently running heating system is still crucial for those days of the year when the cold is too much to bear. Don’t get stuck in the cold when your home experiences heat loss; call the trusted HVAC professionals at Honest Plumbing & Air today to repair your home’s heating system and stop heat loss.

One of the major contributing factors to heat loss in your home is poor insulation. As your home ages, your insulation ages with it and if you do not keep your insulation system properly maintained, you’re leaving yourself susceptible to both heating and cooling energy loss throughout your home. If not properly addressed, you’ll end up over working your existing heating system and losing more money to try and keep a poorly insulated house at a maintained temperature.

Call us today to get started on a quote, and we'll help get your heating system operating efficiently, and we’ll get your home properly insulated as it should be. We are proud to serve the communities of Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Hutto, Leander, Pflugerville & Round Rock, TX.

Heat Loss Means Wasted Money!

How much can 4 simple steps save you?

Step 1: Measure
Measure the depth of current insulation in inches.

Step 2: A Little Math
Find your current insulation level on scale (right). The Department of Energy recommends a minimum of R-49 or roughly 18 inches of fiberglass insulation.

Step 3: Total Square Footage
You will need to measure the area the attic covers over living space. For single floor homes, write down the home’s square footage. Multi-level homes add up the room sizes for a single floor and write down that number.

Step 4: Now is the Time!
Ask the technician for the square foot pricing and rebates.

Current U.S. Energy Tax Credit You may be eligible for a credit up to $500 total for energy efficiency home improvements. DOE recommends insulation from R-49 to R-60. We also recommend consulting a tax advisor for tax credit filing.

Insulation Quality Vs. Heat Loss

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