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If your air conditioning unit has seen better days, it may be time to implement a brand-new model. Not only will modern air conditioners restore your surroundings to the perfect temperature, but these systems are sure to boost the efficiency throughout your home, as well. There’s truly no substitute for contemporary air conditioning units.

Thankfully, the certified technicians at Honest Plumbing & Air are prepared to administer reliable air conditioning installation service. In fact, we provide the very latest HVAC models from some of the leading manufacturers on the market, ensuring your ultimate satisfaction. We’re proud to serve homeowners throughout Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Hutto, Leander, Pflugerville & Round Rock, TX. Give us a call today!

Common Signs You Need A New AC Installation

Lack of Cool Air & Limited Air Flow: This is the most common sign that your air conditioner is near the end of its life span. If you turn on your air conditioner unit and cold air does not come out within a few minutes, there is a strong chance your unit is not performing properly. Lack of airflow is an obvious sign that there is a problem and should be dealt with. Limited airflow could be a result of a blockage in your ductwork.

Buildup of Moisture: Typically, air conditioning units create moisture to some extent. However, if it is working properly, it should handle it without issue. If you have noticed a buildup of moisture on your unit or leaking around the AC unit, it could be that you have a refrigerant leak. A refrigerant leak not only causes your AC unit to underperform but poses a serious health risk to you and your family. Not addressing the problem of leakage allows the risk of mold growing within your home.

Strange Sounds: Is your AC unit making a new sound similar to grinding, squeaking, or chattering? These sounds are not normal for a properly working AC Unit. Air conditioning units are supposed to operate at a noise level that is barely detectable, so if your cooling system is drawing attention to itself, you know it’s time to replace with new equipment.

Weird Smell: In the same way that noticeable sounds typically indicate a problem with heating and cooling systems, so do strange smells. Your AC should be putting out clean, neutral-smelling air. This is not normally the case when problems exist. If a smoky or burning smell is omitted from your unit, this is a serious problem and requires immediate attention.

High Energy Bill: Has your energy bill been noticeably higher recently? This could be your AC unit working harder than it needs to, resulting in a higher energy bill. Newer Air Conditioning units are more energy-efficient and will help reduce those energy bills for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the importance of professional AC installation?
Professional air conditioning installation is essential for ensuring optimal performance, energy efficiency, and long-term reliability of your cooling system. When installing an air conditioner, expertise and knowledge are crucial. Three important points to consider regarding professional air conditioning installation are: Expertise: Professional installers have the necessary training and experience to handle the complexities of installing an air conditioning system correctly. We understand the technical aspects, including electrical connections, refrigerant handling, and system configuration. Energy Efficiency: Improper installation can lead to energy wastage and decreased air conditioner efficiency. Our HVAC technicians will ensure the system is correctly sized and installed according to manufacturer specifications, maximizing energy efficiency and reducing utility bills. Warranty and Reliability: Many air conditioner manufacturers require professional installation for warranty coverage. By having your system installed by Honest Plumbing & Air - you ensure that you comply with warranty terms and protect your investment. Moreover, professional installation reduces the risk of future breakdowns and ensures a reliable and durable cooling system.
2Why choose Honest Air Conditioning and Plumbing to install your AC unit?
Selecting Honest Air Conditioning and Plumbing to install your AC unit will ensure a smooth and successful installation process. Three important reasons to consider us are: Reputation and Experience: At Honest Air Conditioning and Plumbing, we have a solid reputation and extensive experience in the field. We have a track record of providing high-quality installations and excellent customer service. Please read our customer reviews here. Licensing and Certification: All Honest Air Conditioning and Plumbing hire HVAC technicians with the licenses and certifications required by local authorities. We also follow compliance with industry standards and regulations, assuring you of their professionalism and expertise. Comprehensive Services: We offer a range of additional HVAC and plumbing services. We provide a complete package, including system design, installation, and post-installation support. We also provide maintenance and repair services that can be valuable for future needs.
3How long does it take to install an air conditioning system?
The duration of an air conditioning installation depends on various factors, including the complexity of the system, the size of the property, and the scope of work involved. While installation times can vary, a rough estimate can be provided. System Complexity: The complexity of the air conditioning system plays a significant role in determining installation time. Basic, single-unit installations typically take less time. At the same time, more complex systems with multiple indoor units or ductwork may require additional time and effort. Property Size: The size of the property being cooled affects the installation duration. Larger spaces often require more extensive ductwork or multiple indoor units, which can increase the installation time. Preparation and Site Conditions: The condition of the installation site and any necessary preparations can impact the overall installation timeline. For example, if electrical work or structural modifications are needed, additional time will be required.
4What is the typical cost of AC installation?
The cost of air conditioning installation can vary based on several factors, including the system's type and size and the installation's complexity. While specific costs may differ, providing a general overview of the factors influencing the installation expenses is possible. System Size and Type: The size and type of the air conditioning system you choose will significantly impact the installation cost. Larger systems or those with advanced features such as zoning capabilities or ductless options tend to be more expensive. Installation Complexity: If the installation requires additional work, such as ductwork modifications, electrical upgrades, or structural changes, the cost will increase accordingly. Complex installations typically require more labor and materials, contributing to higher costs.
5Are there any maintenance tasks required after an AC installation?
Once your air conditioning system is installed, regular maintenance is crucial to ensure its optimal performance, longevity, and energy efficiency. Routine maintenance tasks should be performed to keep your system in top condition. Filter Cleaning/Replacement: Air filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly, typically every one to three months, depending on usage and filter type. Clean filters allow for airflow and prevent dust and debris buildup, improving indoor air quality and system efficiency. Coil Cleaning: The indoor and outdoor air conditioning system coils should be inspected and cleaned periodically. Dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate on the coils, hindering heat transfer and reducing efficiency. Professional coil cleaning may be necessary in some cases. Professional Maintenance: It is advisable to schedule annual maintenance visits by a qualified technician. Contact us about our maintenance plans. We can perform comprehensive inspections and tune-ups and address potential issues before they escalate. Professional maintenance helps optimize system performance, detect early signs of problems, and extend the air conditioner's lifespan.

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