Furnace Maintenance

Furnace Maintenance in Cedar Park, Georgetown & Round Rock, TX

Read on to learn more about how our knowledgeable technicians ensure your furnace is working properly during each and every visit.

Proper set-up: We will ensure the gas pressures are set to manufacturers’ specifications (per our elevation). Most of our customers don’t realize that all furnaces come set at 5 PSI. That is what the northern states need for their climate in order for their furnace to heat correctly. Our elevation needs 3.5 PSI gas pressure. This gas pressure being set from the factory at 5 PSI and installers not being aware that these pressures and fan speeds need to be adjusted leads to very early furnace failures, danger to homeowners, and early furnace replacements. While most of our visits to homes are due to a failure, they are also during peak usage when there are a lot of other service requests. These things never get evaluated and set up correctly.
Why get annual furnace and A/C maintenance?

Simply put, it keeps your furnace running smoothly. We will ensure the gas pressures are set to manufacturers specifications (per our elevation), inspect parts, lubricate parts that require it, check the unit’s electrical wiring, clean important sensors, check to ensure CO levels are safe, check for temperature rise per manufacturer specs, inspect the duct system, and much more.

Annual furnace maintenance keeps the furnace working reliably. While there is no such thing as an absolute guarantee, annual inspection and maintenance of your furnace allows the technician to spot problems that may be small now but could become serious if left untreated.
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Another benefit is that the temperature in your home remains regulated. We verify and calibrate the thermostat (if equipped with an anticipator), to make sure that the furnace heats your home properly and reliably. Our technicians always aim to educate you on home dynamics and how to overcome hot and cold spots in your home.
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