Attic Insulation

Heat Lost Means Wasted Money!

How much can 4 simple steps save you?

Step 1 – Measure
Measure the depth of current insulation in inches.

Step 2 – A Little Math
Find your current insulation level on scale (right). Department of Energy recommends a minimum of R-49 or roughly 18 inches of fiberglass insulation.

Step 3 – Total Square Footage
You will need to measure the area the attic covers over living space. For single floor homes, write down the home's square footage. Multi-level homes add up the room sizes for a single floor and write down that number.

Step 4 – Now is the Time!
Ask the technician for the square foot pricing and rebates.

Current U.S. Energy Tax Credit You may be eligible for a credit up to $500 total for energy efficiency home improvements. DOE recommends insulation from R-49 to R-60. We also recommend consulting a tax advisor for tax credit filing.
Floor plan
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